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SMEs Maintains UKs Economic Growth

It was pleasing to read an article in the London Loves Business - 9 Nov 2017 Edition that admin support businesses are now recognised as the Office Admin and Business Sector, an industry in its own right.

It was reported in the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) together with Hampshire Trust Bank, that this industry is growing and within 5 years it has grown by 76 per cent.

Small businesses like mine (Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions) take pride in supporting SMEs with a variety of specialist experience and with our support see our clients' businesses grow.

I think this report illustrates how small businesses do collaborate with each other to build up their business which, in turn, maintains UK's economic growth with other SMEs in the Top 10 UK Micro Sectors

Having the right team to support your business is key; they not only work with you on your projects but also pay attention to your deadlines and surrounding situations.

It also illustrates that SMEs are partnering with the Office Admin and Business Sector to help the owner increase their revenue. As you may be aware this can be done in a variety of ways from just someone looking after the admin to actually working with you to increase sales.

Also, it means you don't have to do everything yourself and wear so many hats. Create a team, have a team online work space and you can easily collaborate and have team meetings and delegate your projects to your team.

Wanting to create your team - why not start with admin? What can you delegate so you can focus on sales or projects? Interested in growing your business, send me an email so I can assess your immediate needs.


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