Secretarial Support Retainer Packages 


We have various start-up options which will suit your business and its ongoing needs.  Our clients always start on the small hours per month Starter Retainer package, so we can get to know their business and decide which is the appropriate level required for them.

Your business may fluctuate between busy and quiet periods, so one of these packages may suit your style.

Starter Retainer Packages

Starter Retainer

General Secretarial/Admin Support

10 hours per month - £270

Starter+ Retainer

General Secretarial Support

15  hours per month - £390

Starter++ Retainer

Tailored Secretarial Support

20 hours per month - £500

Additional hours can be purchased above your chosen package rate.

Review my Case Study 4 which will give you an idea how this can be implemented in your business.