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10 Ways to combat work-related stress

Every now and again each of us feels the strain of having too much to do and the days seem to get shorter.

Managing stress levels is a skill and you have to take note whether you love to work under pressure and feel you have been pro-active, to knowing if this pressure is a constant daily routine and interferes with your personal life.

Taking control becomes a battle and you begin to resent your business, productivity is effected and you are short-tempered with loved ones.

How do you rectify this?

There are a number of ways to consider:

  1. Make time for regular exercise to increase your energy levels such as walking, running or even dancing to relax the mind.

  2. Ensure you get enough sleep and turn off screens one hour before bedtime.

  3. All work and no play is no fun, so balance your life between work and family creating social activities to look forward to.

  4. Take short breaks throughout the day; go for a walk at lunchtime to boost your energy levels.

  5. Plan your tasks into "urgent" and "important" and concentrate on these so you are not putting too much into "urgent" ie to be done immediately.

  6. Break large projects into chunks; schedule when each section needs to be completed.

  7. Delegate sections/tasks that you don't need to do, don't get hung up that you have to do everything yourself.

  8. Don't be stressed that the completed work is not how you would have done it. As long as the end result is the same, that is all that matters.

  9. Discuss projects with your co-workers and give them opportunities to participate.

  10. Take the occasional time off work.

As mentioned above, delegating project tasks or administration work is a good start to reduce your stress levels. Plan what is best to delegate and ensure that you have a way to follow up the progress of the task; don't wait until it is due to be handed back to you, have regular checks on the progress.

After having established what you can delegate, outsource some of this work, this will move your project along faster, saving you time and anxiety.

Here at Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions, we believe that communication is at the heart of delegating. We can help on many aspects of admin which may include some of your project work, but please do talk to us to see how we may help you before its too late.

Take care

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