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I'm no good at delegating!

What if after reviewing the tasks you have and you are still not sure how or what to delegate?

I know, I get it!

We are always saying the best way to know if you need help is to keep a record of what tasks you do each day and how long it takes you to complete. This will give you a good gauge of what to delegate and the amount of work you can delegate.

That's all well and good! You now have this information, you more or less know what to delegate, but then what.

How do you delegate?

We will make this easy for you; we won't leave you on your own to figure it out!

Sometimes it's not easy to pass work over to someone else, you need to be confident that they are capable of assisting, so start with small steps and build up your working relationship.

We will discuss your project which you are focusing on, find out the steps you take and we can negotiate which areas we can assist. Many times we have found that this works best, having a two-way discussion and agreeing a deadline.

Delegating is all about ensuring there is support and communication between both parties so you know how the task is developing and there will be no surprises when the deadline arrives.

A very useful link here to How to Delegate by Business Balls

We are here to support you. Let's discuss your next project.

Take Care


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