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I mingled in the background, but not any more...

Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions has been in business for nearly 6 years and I was reflecting on how my business has grown and given me a different lifestyle.

From the days of working, day in and day out in an organisation, taking on additional responsibilities and associated tasks, I found myself becoming mingled into the background. Unless I shouted about every task I completed, no one really noticed!

That was me, I didn't shout from the 'roof tops' all I had achieved. I knew what needed to be done and I just got on with it.

Now fast forward to today, being self-employed, I now have (and previously) clients who appreciate what I bring to their company; my experience together with ideas for their business and also choosing when I can have the odd day off - which is a bonus.

Being self-employed you wear different "hats" and this has brought new challenges and experiences in my business which I would never have experienced in the "corporate" world.

It has also been fun building my business from scratch; seeing it grow, seeing how it will progress and how I am growing in the experience and knowledge I have gained.

In the "corporate" world you are too busy to notice the small businesses. Self-employment has opened my eyes to see such a diverse and enterprising community of small businesses who make up the workforce in the UK.

I have realised that I have worked up to this moment, gaining experience and knowledge from my career as Secretary/PA at business director level. It has given me a good varied skill set which I now offer to small businesses.

When I started my business I thought I would be taking on small menial admin work. This has proved me wrong, small businesses want someone who can make a difference and help their business grow, not only by taking on admin tasks, but to bring to their business fresh ideas, producing drafts that can be worked on and developed further. They like someone with initiative who can discuss ideas and work on them. After all, small businesses don't have the funds to employ someone full time to provide this initiative.

Partnering with an Administrative Consultant can be beneficial for small businesses; they have to be open to working with a Partner to grow their business (not a partner in their business but more on a contractor basis). That's why entrepreneurs eventually become a small business owner, they have a vision of how their business will expand and they know how to get there and know they need help to achieve this.

The entrepreneur will bring together a team of "contractors" to work and co-ordinate on projects. They all don't work in the same office but will collaborate with one another using SharePoint, DropBox etc. and will have video conference meetings either with the entrepreneur or perhaps with another contractor who is working on the same project.

Whatever the big businesses can do, small businesses also have this ability.

Looking for someone to make a difference in your business, why not give me a call on 07918 667509.


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