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Terms and Conditions


The terminology "We or us" refers to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions and the words "you or their" refers to the Client/Potential Client.


Quotations/Contractual Agreement


Based on your meeting or telephone/mail enquiry with a representative of Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions, a Proposal for work detailing the scope of work, the expected delivery time, the project and the method of delivery will be provided. The Proposal will be valid for 30 working days and will contain the Terms & Conditions and payment methods which is acceptable to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions.


The Proposal will become part of the Contractual Agreement and before work commences a signed copy of the Agreement is returned to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions before commencement of work.


We reserve the right to re-quote accordingly for any work which requires additions/amendments made by the client to the original order.


Project Acceptance


The final proof reading of documents lies the client/customer, however, any errors or omissions must be reported to us within 24 hours of receipt where we will correct free of charge, as requested.


After 24 hours of receipt of the work then it will be considered the client has accepted the work and is correct to their requirements.  We cannot accept any responsibility/liability for loss arising from any errors and omissions.  However after this time, if requested by the client, we can amend the work at an additional charge.


We also cannot be held responsible for any material loss, either via client's postal system, emailing or in the event of equipment failure.  Although every effort will be made to provide a reliable service and back up of data will be made at regular intervals.


We accept work via telephone, email, post or courier either by hard copy or electronic mail or CD.  However, it is the client's responsibility for any loss or damage to material during transit.


Please note that any audio files that contain inaudible words/phrases/sections via dictation using digital recordings, cassettes or hand written during the transcription process, will be marked and amended free of charge, as required once the client has provided the correct information.


If additional time is required to complete the project then the client will be notified immediately.  A signed addendum to the Contract Agreement will be forwarded to the client to confirm the additional costs and time required to complete the project.  A signed copy of this addendum is returned to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions.


Retainer Contractual Agreement


Clients wishing to pre-book hours will require to sign the Retainer Contractual Agreement and these hours will be paid in advance to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions before work commences.  A Retainer Invoice will be provided each week/month for the subsequent week/month.


A maximum of 2 hours may be carried forward to the following week/month upon agreement by both parties.




Cancellation of work must be advised to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions within 24 hours before commencement of work.  Deposit is non-refundable.


Payment Terms


For new clients/customers 50% deposit is required before work is undertaken, the remainder of these costs will be required before deliverables are released to the client.  This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation, but will form part of the full payment on completion.


For Retainer clients (pre-booking of hours) payment is required in advance on a weekly/monthly basis.  Any unused hours may be carried forward to the following week/month.

For Training Courses - full payment is required before the training date.  Cancellations are required 2 days before the course date; cancellations thereafter that date there will be no refund.


Client's Work


All work relating to the client will be saved on Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions' computer system for a period of six months (unless otherwise agreed with the client and Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions), thereafter the project file will be deleted.




Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions reserve the right to have the assistance of appropriate Associates to complete clients' work.  Wherever possible the client will be advised in advance.





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