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Kathryn Brooke

Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions was established In April 2012 I to provide an Administration/PA/Virtual Admin support service for entrepreneurs/consultants and training providers who are on the verge of growing their business to the next stage.  


My secretarial/PA career started in a family-owned civil engineering and packaging machinery companies through to a national catering kitchen designer then to an international company for an environmental and building consultants.  

Virtual support


What can we offer you?


If you are unsure whether this is the right time for you to employ a permanent team member to your business, then I can bridge that gap, it will you save you the expense of employing someone until you are certain.


A busy work schedule can be difficult to manage, finding the time to work on business plans to guide you throughout the year.  


Therefore, delegating some tasks may make all the difference to freeing up your time for you to work towards your goals.

There are numerous types of admin functions that are required and one of these is editing your draft copy.  Have you spent some time drafting a document and now would like someone to read it through and enhance it? 


This is something I could be help you with.  I have re-written many documents for my clients so that the tone is correct.

You can rely on our support service


This is where Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions' expertise and experience comes into its own and will provide a tailor-made secretarial/office management support package for your business.

To cater for your needs, I can offer services on an ad-hoc basis, a retainer service to more inclusive packages creating an admin support system to work for you.

For the inclusive packages I will have regular discussions with you about your business goals and the work you have ongoing, this gives me a better understanding of your business. 

Call me on 07918 667509 to discuss your requirements further, or drop me an email at

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