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Bob Proctor's Paradigm Shift

I came across Bob Proctor's Video this week and he talks about "Paradigm Shift" which Bob describes this as "A paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviour and almost all of our behaviour is habitual".

We follow routines in our personal lives as well as in our business. Paradigm takes control of our perception and we actually see with our brains, not with our eyes. Our brains interprets what we see.

Bob suggests that paradigm takes control of our time, everyone gets the same amount of time, and I agree with him that it is how we use this time throughout the day. Some of us get more done than others and paradigm controls our effectiveness and productivity. It's how we ensure what is important to do and have the ability to adjust when needed.

He also says that changing our paradigm, our income will increase and I suppose in translation it is the belief in ourselves which we have to change. Once we take hold of an idea emotionally we run with it but then if we start thinking about the 'what if's', we feel terrified and we put up a barrier.

I think we all have that "terrified" feeling at times, keeping in our comfort zones rather than crashing through the barrier. However, we need these new ideas to grow in our business and helping others achieve their dreams too.

I am going through this phase now where I'm going to provide training on Microsoft Word with the aim to help business owners and their staff ways to save them time in the long run. So, as you see, I'm going through that "barrier"!

I have included the video here - it's just short of 30 minutes but well worth watching.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to know more about my training course, then please do contact me.

Take care,

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