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Collaborating with your Virtual Staff

Do you collaborate with contractors and/or administrative consultants who are based in their own offices and not your own?

Looking for a way to share documents and communicate with each other. Do you work with Microsoft Office products and purchased the Office 365 online Business Premium? Well you have a collaboration tool right at your fingertips, up in the "cloud".

If you take a look at the windows symbol when you sign into Office 365 you will see an icon for "Sites" - this is known as SharePoint - a collaborative tool to share with your colleagues who are on-site and/or off-site.

Microsoft has made SharePoint much more accessible to use for the small to medium sized business owners, and if you are paying subscription fees for the use of Office 365, then why not use it.

SharePoint has many features to assist you and your contractors. Various "Sites" can be set up for a number of projects and each "Site" can have different contractors assigned. Documents are uploaded to the site and more than one individual can work on them simultaneously, or you can download a document if you want to do the amendments first - version control can also be set so you can always revert back.

You don't need to email each other with requests and questions, it can all be done within the "Project Site" and the team will be able to keep up to date too.

You can even set up a specific email address which will collate the information relating to the project all in one place.

There are so many features contained in this software to mention in one blog which I'm sure will accommodate most business needs.

I'm using SharePoint with a client and it has proved to be a very useful tool where both of us can communicate with each other effectively.

Need help setting this up, then let me know.

Take care


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