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Got Microsoft Word?

Do have Microsoft Word but don't know how to use the system, then read on.

Being a trained secretary and a self-taught Microsoft application user, I realised that not everyone is aware how to use the various functions of Word or even how to set out a business letter.

I have been asked many times, how do I do that in Word, and this on Excel and it's just one of these things I know about. However well you do know how to use these applications, Microsoft always seem to be able to provide various ways to do the same function. So there might not be a right or a wrong way; however, there could be a more sophisticated and quicker method to get there.

Having the advantage of knowing how to set out a letter, print multiple copies of the same letter with just the key elements changed on every letter printed, is second nature to me. Therefore, I'm creating a workshop to help small businesses overcome their fear of using Microsoft Word.

I would like to try to focus this training specifically on your needs you want to know today, what do you want to know to get started?

The training will be held in Bradford, West Yorkshire and if you are interested just drop me an email, or contact me through my Facebook page or even phone me; let me know what you want to know to you become familiar with Microsoft Word.

Take care

Kath Brooke

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