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What is a CRM System?

Nearly everyone is talking about a CRM system, and you should be using this - what does this actually mean, how will it make my business better?

It is a system where you can record information about your clients, suppliers or both. Some systems have the ability for you to connect social media activity to it; you can record discussions you've had with your client/supplier, you can set up a task for you or your staff and can follow sales activities.

It all depends what your needs are. Do you want something simple but the system can grow with you? Do you want a system that is free or do you want to pay a small amount so you can access other functions it offers?

However, before you do get to that stage, you need to think why you need this system and ask yourself "what will I use this for, will I use it to its full potential"? What do you want the system to do for you? Do you have information in different areas which you would like to consolidate?

For a simple system, you could be looking at some software which will store all your business card contact information gathered from various networking events. You might want to actually note down on this where you met them and their interests and what you discussed when you met. This way when you are due to meet them again, you will know instantly some information about them, which will impress your potential customers who think that you have remembered the tiny details about them.

You could use this system as a follow up tool, where you can set yourself a task to remind you to contact them, for instance. Some allow you to connect your own emails for each of your customers/suppliers so you have them all in one place; all the conversations you have had via email.

So you don't loose that document you would like to refer to later, the system will allow you to upload it allowing you to have everything at hand for that particular customer.

These systems are available on the PC/Laptop and are now mobile friendly so you can have immediate access to the information (presuming you have access to WiFi, as don't forget it is all online). It means you will have up to date information at your finger tips.

I hope this gives a brief insight to what a Customer Relationship Management system can do for you.

Take Care

Kathryn | 07981 667509

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