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Have You Considered Outsourcing Work?

Larger organisations have been outsourcing certain aspects of their work for many years now and still use this as a way to obtain the expertise they need for a specific project. They will look at sending their manufacturing overseas, using overseas call centres; they will also gain the expertise from Consultants who will help them manage a project, and step into a role until they find their "right" employee. They also see this as a way of getting the expertise they need on a short to long term basis without the need to employ.

So, why is outsourcing good for larger businesses?

They have identified the need to acquire the expertise quickly to start a project; they know what their staff levels are like and also their experience.

So the same basis can be applied to the medium and small-sized businesses. Their needs are just as worthy and urgent as their larger counterparts.

I haven't large volumes of work to outsource

This might be something that has come into your mind, and yes that may be true, but you may also find that, on occasions, you are over-whelmed with the workload and will consider outsourcing at this point. However, if outsourcing at an earlier stage then the Virtual PA is up and running by that time.

So where do you start?

Outsourcing small tasks is the way to start. You may consider bookkeeping is the first thing you need help with - this is an obvous task to choose as you probably already have an Accountant to help you and this is just another part of the accountancy process.

However, there are many elements in your business which are administrative tasks and may be ones you leave 'til the end of the day or weekends or it just takes too long to do. Wouldn't it be great to have your weekends back?

Partnering with a Virtual PA

So, partnering with a Virtual PA or a Virtual Office Manager will help you with your office/ administration support in running the day to day tasks within your business. The type of work could entail maintaining records, making appointments, monitoring your calendar and emails etc. You may even need someone to get you a quote for stationery, letterheads for instance. Ultimately, the decision making is still yours, we are here to maintain the systems and give you a nudge every so often when needed. It's just like having your very own PA working in your office, however a "Virtual PA" has their own office to work from.

If this is something that has crossed your mind, give me a call on 07918 667509 to discuss this further and explore the areas that are taking up so much of your time.

Take Care | Kathryn | Mobile 07918 667509

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