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Take 9 Steps for Effective Delegation

Delegating tasks is a two-way activity where it can improve your own management skills but it also improves your teams' development. However, poor delegation can lead to confusion, frustration and even demotivation if the purpose of the task is not explained correctly to create the desired end result.

Delegation is often referred to within the corporate business where the manager is delegating to the sub-ordinate, however, it also works just as effectively with "virtual teams".

So what is the ultimate aim when delegating tasks?

1 You should be looking at the whole project;

2 The timescale to achieve the end result for the project;

3 Sectioning this project into individual tasks;

4 Reviewing personnel who can effectively complete these tasks;

5 Show the individual/group what to do explaining the desired end result;

6 Ensure the understanding of what to do - show them, if necessary;

7 Delegate the task - let go!

8 Evaluate what has been completed so far by the review date;

9 Review the tasks by the agreed date of completion.

Don't worry too much if the tasks are not completed as you would have done them yourself (unless, of course, you have set procedures in place), the important aspect is that it is completed to satisfaction and within the timescale.

It is adviseable to agree a review date because what you want to avoid is the task handed over but the individual has not started for one reason or another. If planned correctly any issues can be highlighted at this stage and steps put in place to assist the individual well before the completion date.

Therefore, the planning of who does what and when together with reveiwing is the key.

If you need assistance with your project either delegating the task or to break down the project into manageable tasks then contact me on 07918 667509.

Take care - Kathryn

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