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Mobile devices for business

I was recently asked, how do I keep on top of all my projects for different clients. Well I make use of my online calendar.

At the beginning of the week I assess which client requires my time, how long they need, which social media will need updating with content and when etc., etc.

I segment and plan my time for each client throughout the week, noting this in my online calendar. If a task is going to take a long time to complete I will split this up over several days, if need be. This way I'm not leaving the task to do all at once without running the risk of not being able to finish it.

My activity on social media is timed too. I plan out what part of the day during the week I will update/view/read/respond on the social media platforms. I also plan out during the week what content I want to upload - makes life a little easier when you know what you are going to share with your audience in advance.

I have also built into my diary some leeway for those times when I need to respond to something immediately client requests or social media etc., so if I need to juggle my timings it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Once I have all this in my diary, I synchronise my mobile devices, so I am alerted 15 minutes before I am due to go onto my next task.

Make more use of your mobile devices for business - it's not just for making calls, surfing on the net or social media - make it work for you by using its other functions like calendar and the use of entering notes.

Another tool I use when I have several client tasks that I keep track of them, together with the relevant stage I have progressed to via the use of a "Task Manager" programme. I will discuss this in another future blog.

I hope this has given you something to think about.



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