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7 key steps to organising business travel

Planning a business trip can take up a lot of time to arrange, organise, confirm and noting the various arrangements made.

If you are planning your trip further afield, then it is more economical to fit several visits around the timing of this business meeting. This could be whilst you are within your destination or even travelling to and from.

However, all this scheduling is time consuming - trying to speak with the right person, fitting in a time to suit both and deciding on the venue.

To help you bring these steps together methodically, below are my key steps that I undertake:

1) Decide which client you would like a meeting with and the subject base, could you also meet another client en route for instance?

2) Check your diary for the most appropriate dates - have several alternatives for your client to choose from.

3) Contact your main client with your suggested dates and get confirmation of their preferred choice.

4) Once you have settled on the date and time for your main client meeting, you can start filling in the gaps with other client meetings.

5) Contact secondary clients and arrange a time around the date/time of your first client. Don't forget to make sure you have allowed sufficient travelling time in your scheduling.

6) Decide on your venues - is it possible to meet at your clients' offices, or do you have to arrange a suitable meeting place?

7) Send out your Calendar invitations/or emails to confirm your dates and times of your meetings.

These are a few of your basic steps to arrange your client meetings.

As you can see they can be quite intensive and time consuming.

Here at Kathyn Brooke Admin Solutions we can help you with your business trips, we will communicate with your clients, find suitable venues, assist with the purchasing of train tickets to co-ordinate with your meeting times, through to issuing you your itinerary for the day's travel.

We like to the hassle out of Business Trip Management so you can concentrate on your day to day business. So we will arrange your meetings to fit around your diary leaving you with a hassle-free trip.

If you feel you need help with organising your business trips, then please call me on 07918 667509 to discuss further.

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