Are you looking to increase the number of hours of virtual PA support and may be hand-over specific project type work?

These packages are more suited for those who would like to partner with a pro-active virtual PA to help keep up with the momentum of increased workload which comes with your successful business.  


Wondering what you could delegate, perhaps these suggestions may help:


1)  Maintaining your online database


2)  Maintaining online files


3)  Form Creation/Mailing Fulfilment Services/Emails and  Follow-ups

4)  Maintaining/creating systems and processes

5)  Reformatting/Creating documentation

2 x 30 mins review/briefing sessions via video conferencing per month

The pricing is based on the amount of hours per month


Premium Support 1 - £480 per month - 15 hrs per month

Premium Support 2 - £620 per month - 20 hrs per month

Premium Support 3 - £720 per month - 25 hours per month

Premium Support 4 - £870 per month - 30 hours per month


Contact me on 07918 667509 to discuss further


Providing assistance to organise small events/training arrangements.

Starting from the beginning of the process by booking the room together with the requirements of other facilities, ie how the room is to be set out, catering, refreshments, wifi requirements etc.

Ensuring all attendees and speakers are aware of the event times and location and that the Agenda is prepared and provided for those who require it.


Arranging for promotional material to be sourced and printed in time for the event ie the type of product, will be decided upon well in advance.


Ensuring that everything is in place for the day liaising with the various providers before hand and on the day.


Small Events Management - £30 per hour

Contact me on 07918 667509 to discuss further