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Secretarial Support Package 2

Report Formatting

Report Formatting

Their client had a set layout for the report and it also meant that photographs of snaggings at different stages had to be recorded in the report.

The reports were compiled the day after the inspection and the commentary for each section of the Mechanical and Electrical areas were written at the time the CoW were monitoring the construction build. The pages of these diary notes were scanned to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions, along with their digital image for transferring into the report. The report would be in a set format and include uploaded images to display in the report.

The report was then forwarded to their clients.

Client Benefit

Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions provided this service to the CoWs which had benefited the use of their time effectively.

If they did this work themselves, it meant that their time would be limited and could not put bids in for other project work until they were near the end of what they were doing. This in turn, would restrict their earning power.

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