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PA Retainer Package

Managing Small Events

The Process

To determine the date of this Induction Day training, liaising with my client's Academics to gain a suitable date when everyone would be available so the venue and room could be booked.

Once the date was set, Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions then proposed a draft Agenda for the day, planning how long each section of the training would take and where the comfort and lunch breaks would occur.

Liaising with the students, providing details of appropriate hotel accommodation, if this was needed, and ensuring that they have the correct location and start times.

Sourcing of local caterers to ensure that they could deliver the food on the day and time stated.

It was decided that a promotional notepad would be required for the students on the day, so we designed this and discussed with the printers on costs and delivery.

Client Benefit

Once Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions was involved in the process of organising the arrangements for the day's event, this left our client and his Academics free to continue with any last minute programme changes for the training.

As catering, training room and promotional material was arranged, it only meant for the client to approve the costs and design.

On the day of the event, the room was set up, food arrived on time and the promotional pads had also arrived well advance of the day.

Our client was pleased with our input leading up to the day, which meant that everything ran smoothly and he was appreciative that we had prepared well to cover all eventualities.

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