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Do you struggle remembering to pick up the documents for your meetings?

Your just about to set off to your meeting and the 'phone rings. You have just got to do just one email in response and then you can go.

Hurray! You're out of the door, in your car and down the motorway. You do a mental mind check, have I got my mobile, my tablet, my laptop, my directions, my meeting notes. Oh no, the notes are on the desk in the office - too late to go back, just have to wing it. Sounds familiar?

You could use a simple file system, and slot all the information you want to take with you in one file, so you can just pick this up and go.

Or are your more computerised with entering your meetings in your diaries? How much information do you put into your online diary system? Did you know you can use your diaries more effectively for meetings? Let me tell you how.

Many of us now have online diaries that we can take with us everywhere, from the Hotmail, BT, Google through to your domain email accounts. It can be accessed from your laptops, tablets and mobile phones, so why not make the most use of this technology and have items accessible at our finger tips!

You've contacted your client and have agreed the date to meet them and you are about to enter this into your diary. Why not send them an invite direct from your diary. Once they have accepted, which you will also be notified, the meeting request will go straight into their diary.

So now you can make another diary note just for yourself to include your travelling times, so obviously this will appear longer than the actual meeting in your diary. It will also stop you from double booking yourself for another meeting. If you include this information in the original meeting request, then you will be sending all the details to the client, which will probably not be of interest to them. So this is why it is a separate diary entry.

Now you have set up your diary note which will be alongside your actual meeting times, you can start adding notes about the meeting in here.

Next consider what mode of transport you will be using; if you generally go by car, then this isn't a problem unless you want to put down the route you will be taking, but if you are using train or plane then why not enter all the travel details in the diary note you have just created for yourself. If you set your alarm for the notification correctly it will tell you when to start heading out for the train/plane etc.

You can also add any attachments for the meeting in here, so the agenda, the minutes of the previous meeting, letters can be scanned and attached, etc.

If you have written an email to your client regarding the meeting, then all you have to do is copy the details from the email and paste it into the notes section of your diary entry.

Now you have everything you need for the meeting, all organised and being online, you can view your documents during the meeting on your ipad etc. No need to search your files for the information - it is altogether in one area.

This is just one way you can get yourself organised for your meetings and never forget to take your paperwork with you again.

As always, if you need any help organising what you need to take to your meetings, give me a call 07918 667509.

Take Care

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