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Would you like to increase your productivity?

Organisational skills are not just about putting everything in its place for ease of retrieval, it is also about time management, improving systems, to automate systems with the main aim of increasing productivity.

Priotising workload is one method or organising your day and this can be achieved by creating "To Do Lists" to accomplish your daily tasks. Don't list every job on this list as this will counteract what you are trying to achieve, it becomes overwhelming.

Include on your list five items and place them in order of importance - this will focus your mind to complete these tasks. Try to finish all top five items in the day; don't procrastinate!

Once you have your top five tasks, note the length of time it takes to complete each one and try to evaluate whether this has been an effective use of your time.

If you think there were one, two or more tasks that someone else could complete, may be you could consider of hiring some help. By delegating some part of the task it will make your business more efficient and you can now focus on the larger goals that you have set in your business plan.

If you have't got the luxury of employed staff to help you in your business, then there are several possibilities to consider and one of these is hiring the assistance of a freelance secretary. The freelance secretary doesn't need to work in your office, but can work remotely and the advantage of this service can bring you is that the secretary can assist on a project, on a long-term or on an as and when basis - you decide what is best for your business and when you need the help.

Give me a call to discuss further on 07918 667509 if you need that extra help.

Take Care


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