Case Study 1

Online Business Admin Manager


During our meeting assessing what my, then, potential client required soon transpired it was not a straightforward case of providing general administration.  However, he wasn't clear in his mind what he did need, but to begin with this is what I recommended.

Their business was still in the setting up stage, but being from a background of lecturers and knowing their market ie what they will be offering and who to, they understood that there would be a lot of background admin work.  They are designing training programmes for a specialist market in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industry.

Whilst my client had other Academics creating programmes and producing software uploads, he was visualising where and how these programmes were delivered and who else he needs to bring onboard.  He realised that he couldn't do everything himself and would need a good team around him.

Routine Admin:

Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions then provided general admin work liaising with their freelance HR Consultant to produce Contractor Agreements and preparing various policies relating to both the Contractors and Students.  

Terms and Conditions which needs to go out with Quotations and Invoices required to be developed together with creating brochures, updating/amending these and producing a quality control system for the standard documents and policies to be logged and noting any updates by providing that document with a revision number.

Online Business Admin Manager

After a few months of assisting with the "general" admin work and being more involved with this company in more of a managerial role, it came apparent that it was time to scale up the requirement my client required to progress his company.  It was becoming evident that the hours we originally set and the "general" work I was undertaking was not their requirement.

With the increased tasks Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions were undertaking, this was a natural progression to the package of Online Business Admin Role.  Again, we started off slowly to ensure that within the Online Office Management structure group the correct package is chosen for them to meet their needs.

The Online Business Admin Manager partnering role is not about delivering to the client increased administration work, but having the ability to look beyond this, providing what their business needs.  It means that we learn a lot more about the client's business and who their clients are.  Having regular client meetings to discover what plans they have and deciding how we can be of benefit.  Its about providing ideas, using initiative and producing work without supervision and just "get on with it".

It is all about building trust with each other.  We provide the client with expertise and knowledge which they might lack or just doesn't have the time to carry out this work. 


We ensure that Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions, their client, and his "virtual" contractors work together as a Team via online collaboration tools, working on brochures, proposals for my client to put forward to higher institutions, promoting the company by creating letters, emails, posts for Social Media and Newsletters.  Being involved with the client there are numerous emails from the Contractors which I can use to pull some of the information from each of them to build new content for various types of promotional material.

Client Benefit:

Working with my client now for a couple of years, we have built up knowledge of their business and they have been more than pleased with the pro-activeness and pre-empting of their requirements, which alleviates my client's mind so he can visualise his strategy for his core business activities.