Case Study 2

Secretarial Support Package


It was established during the 'phone consultation that the requirement would be for an audio typist, who had the availability for transcribing roughly 30 emails over a 1 to 2 day period.  He is a sole business owner who can do limited amounts of computer work.  At that time he could upload the digital files and forward them to Kathryn Brooke Admin Solutions for transcribing.  

His hand-held digital Dictaphone transferred the voice recording data to an MP3 format.  This easily fitted the format of my digital transcribing programme.

He is a Property Consultant.

Transcription Work:

Once we have received the files, these files are download them into a programme called Express Scribe, ready for transcribing.  Our transcription programme can also accommodate video work for transcribing into text format.

Each file is identifiable with its own unique numbering system which is automatically given from his hand-held device.  Each email he wants transcribing is dictated into a separate digital file which is transcribed straight into email to his client and a copy is forwarded to him so he can see what has been sent out, and also in case he gets telephone calls relating to the email.


He also dictates minute notes he has taken, letters are transcribed directly into his digital letterhead and Heads of Terms reports.

Anything which we are unsure of (ie the dictation was not clear) or he wants to re-check the transcription before dispatching, is emailed to him first and not sent to his client until we have the okay.

Client Benefit:

Our client is able to dictate his emails as soon as he returns to his car from a meeting.  Before he drives off he dictates the email and it is done with.

On other occasions he will spend sometime dictating a bulk of work which he finds he can dictate quicker than he can type.

The emails are set out correctly for his client with the correct spacing or even a table embedded or scanned documents attached.

We tend to meet up regularly if he requires his documents scanning.

It means that once he has dictated the emails, he doesn't need to worry about them, he knows they will be processed.  It leaves him free to continue his property visits and have meetings without finding the additional time to send out all the emails himself.